Manual processes, disparate data sets, and missing insights lead to lost approvals, decreased accuracy, and greater financial and reputational risk.

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Verdata turns data into prescriptive and
predictive value.
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Regulatory Protection

Decrease your regulatory risk due to problematic partner behavior.


Poor and misleading behavior can generate consumer complaints to regulatory bodies, which for you can lead to unfriendly audits, lawsuits from Attorney Generals and massive fines. Verdata will show you which partners have instigated consumer complaints for other finance and payment providers. You can also improve your relationship with regulators through participation with Verdata.

Fraud Protection

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars this year from fraud. 


Point-of-sale finance providers lose billions of dollars a year to fraud, and US merchant acquirers lose more than $15 billion a year due to fraud-related chargebacks. Verdata will show you whether your prospective business has been flagged by another finance or payments provider for past behavior that resulted in losses.

Streamline your Business

Save time with Verdata's automated processes and grow your business with more confidence.


The faster you underwrite, the more likely it is for a business to use your products. Lessen the load on your internal team with our automated, intuitive solutions for more confident partner underwriting and fraud detection. 

Verdata provides insights into business behavior across the relationship lifecycle.

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Flexible and on-demand access.

Verdata provides single-point access to proprietary, public and licensed identification and behavioral information combined with analytical insights for true intelligence.

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Customizable Alerts and Notifications

Receive time-sensitive notifications when a shift in behavior drives increased risk or further action.

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Dashboard and Scoring

Monitor critical factors and leverage predictive scoring to remain one step ahead.

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